Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kathi Georges at Cornelia Street Cafe, Friday, June 8, 6-8 pm

The big day is here: The official book release party for Kathi Georges' Slow Dance at 120 Beats A Minute (2007, Three Rooms Press) on Friday, June 8, 6-8 pm, at the Pink Pony West reading series at Cornelia Street Cafe (29 Cornelia Street, between West 4th Street and Bleecker Street, in Greenwich Village).

We recently spoke with Georges about the show. Here's some of her comments.

"Ever since I was a little girl, growing up in Southern California, I wanted to be a writer or a musician. By high school, my dream was to write poetry, publish books and--someday--read my own work in a small cafe in Greenwich Village. My reading at Cornelia Street Cafe on Friday is a dream come true.

"It's funny how you can forget your dreams as you become wrapped up in the day-to-day stress and strain of the world. You grow up, you get a job, get married, and everything around you seems to make you lose faith in yourself, in your dreams. Time passes. One day you wake up and you're 60. Scratching your head and asking yourself, 'What happened?' Of course, you may still be a 'success' but on whose terms?

"There is no easy way to measure 'success' if the path you follow isn't a proven road. What is success for a poet anyway? To become a professor at a major university? To be translated into more languages than anyone else? To translate other poets? These are certainly all keys to success, but they take away from what is to me the most important success of any poet: to write poetry.

"My reading on Friday will be focused on the new book, and will also feature a little solo jazz flute. By the time I'm done, I hope every heart there will be dancing!"

Three Rooms Press will be there en masse. Dancing? You betcha! We'll be tearing the place up.

Hope to see you dancing too.

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