Thursday, August 9, 2007

Peter Carlaftes shines Off-Broadway

The play that TRP superstar Peter Carlaftes performed in last Saturday, "Ashtrays for Vodka," by David Sirk, was so well-received that audience members and the artistic director of the theater voted that it should continue to the "Wild Night" of the Strawberry One-Act Festival at the Off-Broadway theater company Riant Theater, providing another opportunity for the play to continue to the finals.

And, may we add, Carlaftes was definitely part of the reason for its success. His solid performance in the tough role of a bar buddy to a man ignoring his responsibilities gave the play an edge of authencity that made the heavy story line of the piece (ex-wife with breast cancer) easier to take, turning a melodramatic tear-jerk potential into a solid slice of life.

Congratulations to David Sirk, for creating a solid piece of work. And TRP wishes him best of luck in his future endeavors. No matter what happens in the theatrical world, credits and kudos count for a lot.

Pictured: Playwright/actor David Sirk, left, with Peter Carlaftes in "Ashtrays for Vodka"


wendi said...

congratulations, Peter. Sounds like you did great!

Three Rooms Press said...

Peter says, "Thanks. My leg is healing."

Anonymous said...

one of the great actors of our time, peter carlaftes
is known to far too few. it's a sad irony that the most
gifted individuals in our arts culture often remain obscure.