Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years from Three Rooms Press!

2007 has been a busy year at Three Rooms Press. At the beginning of this year we pledged that this year we would Flourish! and Grow! And indeed we did both here, in many ways.

A Powerhouse Year in Poetry Publishing
During 2007, Three Rooms Press published four new poetry books, including Slow Dance and 120 Beats A Minute and Punk Rock Journal by Kathi Georges, to[o] long by Jackie Sheeler, and most recently, Splitting Hairs by The Bass Player from Hand Job. We also reprinted several classics from our catalog, including The I Can't-o Cantos, Nightclub Confidential, Sheer Bardom, Drive by Brooding and The Bar Essentials, all by Peter Carlaftes.
Plans for next year include launching a journal of experimental poetry and fiction, along with a weekly one-page poetry magazine called One Sheet. If you're interested in assisting with either of these, please get in touch immediately!

Readings and Performances Galore

A big highlight of this year was a surge of readings and performances by Three Rooms Press associates. Pictured left, is TRP creative Kathi Georges with former U.S. poet laureate Mark Strand, who did an amazing reading at the Son of a Pony series at Cornelia Street Cafe on November 16. Many other performances and readings made the year shine. In addition to the daily miracle, some of the numerous highlights included:
  • Tone Poem, organized by the incredible Susan Scutti, with featured readers including Felice Belle, Peter Carlaftes, Erich Christiansen, Kathi Georges, John S. Hall and Clare Ultimo at Bowery Poetry Club, on May 20th.
  • The Incredible 2-Book Release Party, featuring the launch of Punk Rock Journal and to[o] long with readings by Karen Hildebrand, The Bass Player from Hand Job, Gary Glazner, Peter Carlaftes, Jackie Sheeler and Kathi Georges at Bowery Poetry Club, July 30th
  • Dueling Karaoke, featuring the Dynamic Duellette Peter Carlaftes and Kathi Georges, at Bowery Poetry Club, August 25th
  • Lenny Bruce: Dead and Well, performed by Peter Carlaftes at Cornelia Street Cafe, November 7th
  • Son of A Pony at Cornelia Street Cafe, now regularly including hosting by Kathi Georges with featured readers including Peter Carlaftes, Karen Hildebrand, Gary Glazner, Richard Loranger and Mark Strand
  • Not Beautiful Enough: Women on Violence, a spine-tingling poetic ensemble play written and performed by Magdalena Alagna, Kathi Georges, Jackie Sheeler, Phyllis Talley, performed at The Living Theater, November 26th.

In between publishing and performing, we also found time to sneak off to Kythera and Paris, and work on new material for next year! This year, we're starting off with an intensive workshop in Cape May, New Jersey. But first: January 4th is the Bukowski Tribute at Cornelia Street with videos, book giveaways and a chance to share your favorite Bukowski poetry.

So Happy New Year and look forward to 2008!

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Karen said...

Indeed, it was a big year. 2008 promises to be even better, dear friend.