Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New way of listening to you

Myspace is great except for the incredibly ugly graphics, the barrage of advertising and the limited layout ability. So here's another way to hear Three Rooms Press audio, which esthetes may prefer. God knows I'm probably the only one who actually goes to these websites anyway, but nevertheless, given the opportunity to present creative work to the world, it is important to take advantage of it. So... drumroll... presenting Three Rooms Press audio.


Ms. K said...

Okay, if I'm on your reading list, then you must tell me how you were able to put audio on a blog. I'm close to as impressed by the mastery of technology as I am by the performance. Congratulations once again!

Three Rooms Press said...

Re: audio on a blog
The easiest way is to start a myspace account. But it has to be a MUSICIAN myspace account, or else you can't post songs. It's free, it's easy, and 68 percent of the teens in America are doing it! Once you start your account, you can add songs by going to the "Manage Profile" section, the "Manage Songs" then you just upload your MP3 files. By the way: The current version of iTunes can save any song as an MP3 file.