Sunday, December 30, 2012

Charles Bukowski Memorial Poetry Reading This Friday at Cornelia St. Cafe, NYC!

Three Rooms Press presents
The 6th Annual NYC 
Charles Bukowski Memorial Reading
Friday, January 4, 2012, 6 pm
Featuring readings by
Mike Daisey | Richard Vetere | Michael Puzzo 
Peter Carlaftes | Nicca Ray | Angelo Verga | Puma Perl 
George Wallace | Thomas Fucaloro
hosted by Kat Georges
Plus Poetry | Rare Videos | Prizes
Cornelia St Cafe, NYC
29 Cornelia Street | between W. 4th and Bleecker 
Celebrate the start of the new year with the 6th annual Charles Bukowski Memorial Reading, held on the first Friday of the new year since 2008 and start nursing that new year hangover.
The event will feature performance of Bukowski poems by a unique cast of hardcore fans including monologist/actor Mike Daisey, playwright Richard Vetere, actor/playwright Michael Puzzo, and Three Rooms Press founders Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges, along with poets Nicca Ray, Angelo Verga, Puma Perl, Thomas Fucaloro and George Wallace.
This year's reading will also launch THE MONTHLY at Cornelia Street Cafe, a new monthly reading series hosted by Three Rooms Press
Poet Charles Bukowski was truly one of the few and far between: a champion of the outsider, the lost and lonely, the outcasts from society. During this ongoing period of economic uncertainty and working class adversity, his work resonates like none other, stripping the human soul bare with humor, style and a bottle of beer. 
What would Bukowski think about the fiscal cliff? How would he feel about the demise of the US Post Office? Would Buk have a Twitter account? At this tribute reading, we’ll show videos of Bukowski, plus giving away Buk books, CDs, DVDs and other prizes.
Doors open at 5:45. Admission is $12 which includes (naturally) a free drink! Cornelia Street Cafe is at 29 Cornelia Street, in the West Village, between W. 4th Street at Bleecker (
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