Tuesday, March 25, 2014

4/4/14: First Annual NYC Code Poetry Performance Festival!!

Three Rooms Press presents 

The First Annual 

NYC Code Poetry Performance Festival 

a celebration of code poetry for National Poetry Month 

Friday, April 4 | 6 pm | Cornelia Street Cafe 

29 Cornelia Street (btwn W. 4th and Bleecker) | 212-989-9319 

Code poetry performance is changing the landscape of the poetry scene! Code poetry -- poems written in computer code -- has found new resonance in a world increasing integrated with electronics.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "Code poets find resonance between the constraints of programming and the traditional rules of peotry, where forms like the sonnet dictate strict rhyme schemes and syllable counts." Code poets are masters of both programming and poetry, and are compelling -- and daring -- visual and performance artists.

The First Annual NYC Code Poetry Performance Festival presents five top New York-based code poets, who will astound with their interpretations and breakthroughs transforming poetry as we know it. Featured code poets include Todd Anderson with Thomas Fucaloro, Ishac Bertran, Jonathan Dahan, Josh Galeota-Sprung, Jonathan Wohl with Andy Dayton, and host Kat Georges. 

Admission: $12, includes a free drink. Additional info: info@threeroomspress.com 

Press: for photos and press passes, please contact info@threeroomspress.com

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 22: Walking with the IRISH GANGS of BROOKLYN with Eamon Loingsigh

March 22: Explore the Irish Gangs of Brooklyn with Eamon Loingsigh
Explore the hangouts of the original  IRISH GANGS of BROOKLYN with journalist Eamon Loingsigh, author of the new Irish Gang novel LIGHT OF THE DIDDICOY.  Three Rooms Press presents a unique tour of historical sites related to the early 20th century Irish gangs of Brooklyn, which are the focus of LIGHT OF THE DIDDICOY, the riveting and immersive saga of an Irish gang on the Brooklyn waterfront in the early part of the twentieth century, told through the eyes of young newcomer Liam Garrity.  Tour date: Saturday, March 22, 1-4pm.

Meet at 34 Van Dyke Street, RED HOOK, (718) 246-8050 Pre-tour PINT and LIVE WBAI radio broadcast of Radio Free Eireann w/hosts John McDonagh, Sandy Boyer and Eliza Butler 

Meet at Corner of Bridge and John Streets, DUMBO Site-specific crawl though the streets where the White Hand gang made their bones in LIGHT OF THE DIDDICOY  

Meet at 218 Bedford Ave, WILLIAMSBURG, (718) 387-7322 Cap off a unique day of literary BROOKLYN awareness with a booksigning by EAMON LOINGSIGH at this terrific INDIE bookstore 

INFO and DETAILS: info@threeroomspress.com

“Novelist Eamon Loingsigh has so comprehensively inhabited the teeming New York City of his debut novel Light of the Diddicoy that he captivates the reader from the first page. . . It’s a brutal story of Irish America that the author, whose family roots in the city are as deep as his characters, was apparently born to write. Loingsigh’s prose has immense narrative force, and his characters are innocents or chancers on the make who know there’ll be no second chances. . . This is wonderful pulp fiction that knows that one man’s tale can in fact tell the entire city’s.” — Cahir O’Doherty, Irish Central

“The dark and compelling Irish American gang lifestyle of early 1900s Brooklyn pulses through this sharp, hardboiled drama.... Loingsigh’s book looks at a fascinating lifestyle drawn from his extensive research and his own family history.... The writing is sharp when gangsters are involved, yet it preserves a poetic Irish heart.” —ForeWord Reviews

“Loingsigh’s narrative owes much to historical accounts and family lore; he easily evokes the poverty, pain and hard labor that made up the working experience of the immigrant class in early 20th-century New York, giving the story a grimy verisimilitude.... The tale of William’s early days rings with passion and pain, ultimately making for an engrossing read.” —Kirkus Reviews

“LIGHT OF THE DIDDICOY is an amazing series of literary leaps from terra firma into the stratosphere above. The writing embraces you, and his description of the savagery visited on poor people is offset by the humor and love of the traditional Irish community. Don’t leave the store without this book.” —MALACHY MCCOURT, author of Malachy McCourt’s History of Ireland