Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More on Lenny Bruce: Dead and Well at Bowery Poetry Club This Sunday

News flash: Astute New York Observer writer Meredith Bryan posted a fabulous blurb in today's paper about the big Lenny Bruce: Dead and Well show by Peter Carlaftes this Sunday at Bowery Poetry Club (Early show! 5 p.m. sharp!). See the complete article here.

Those far from the sand might like to endure the one-man comedy show Lenny Bruce: Dead & Well at the Bowery Poetry Club. Said organizer and poet Kathi Georges, when we called her up: “Peter Carlaftes, he channels Lenny Bruce, he’s come back from heaven and he knows everything that happened before and after. … He knows who won the election, what really happened on 9/11, that the dinosaurs are going to be coming back, and he also knows who killed J.F.K., he reveals for the first time who killed J.F.K.! It’s no one you would expect at all. It’s an amazing revelation.” She continued, of the Bowery Poetry Club: “It’s like the new CBGB’s, but they have a lot more poetry and word shows. And less spitting!” Here comes September, folks!

Lenny Bruce: Dead & Well, by Peter Carlaftes: Bowery Poetry Club, 5 p.m.,]

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lenny Bruce: Dead and Well at Bowery Poetry Club, August 31st

Three Room Press presents the amazing show "Lenny Bruce: Dead & Well," a one-man show performed by Peter Carlaftes at The Bowery Poetry Club, Sunday, August 31st at 5 p.m. Opening for Lenny will be New York activist/comic Randy Credico.

Carlaftes' fabulous show hits the stage running, with sizzling new material that packs a real punch during this heated election season. Lenny sure has plenty to talk about. His hilarious afterlife perspective gives him a knowledge of all that came before, as well as all that's destined to happen in the future. For instance:

-- Who really killed JFK? The answer is finally revealed--and it will shock you for the rest of your life!

-- What really happened on 9/11? For safety reasons, Lenny can't reveal the whole story, but he does have insider information that no one else has been courageous enough to talk about.

--And what about the elections?

Lenny knows the hierarchy of heaven. And because no one can persecute him anymore, he's got a new attitude and tons of new material that takes its cue from such Lenny Bruce classics as "Religions, Inc.," "How Hitler Got Started" and "To Is a Preposition, Come Is a Verb."

New York native writer, actor and director Peter Carlaftes fully embodies the essence of the comic genius. The SF Weekly nailed it, saying, "Carlaftes IS the reincarnation of Lenny Bruce." His comic timing is impeccable, and his material never fails to inspire. He recently opened to audience acclaim for 94-year-old comic legend Professor Irwin Corey.

Doors open 4:45 pm. Show at 5. Tickets $10. Reservations/additional information:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Poet Douglas Collura at Cornelia St. Cafe this Friday

Three Rooms Press presents

at Cornelia Street Cafe
Friday, August 15, 6 pm

Featured poet: Doug Collura
Host: Kathi Georges

Open reading (arrive by 5:45 to sign up)
Admission $7 (includes a yummy free drink!)

Doug Collura is a Manhattan-based writer who has recited at the open mikes around town for the last twenty-seven years and has become a personal favorite of host Kat Georges. His work is multi-layered: a surface of outrageously funny biting satire; built on layer after layer of the reality of emotion and horror that Collura was able to squeeze and transform into beautiful works of art. Onstage, Collura is a real dynamo, and definitely worth a trip to the village for the experience.

Collura has been both a Third Prize winner and a finalist in the 1998 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, and a Second Prize winner in the 1999 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, along with being an Editor's Choice selection for the Paterson Literary Review. He is the author of a spoken word CD The Dare of the Quick World and the book Things I Can Fit My Whole Head Into, published by Jane Street Press, which was a finalist for the 2007 Paterson Poetry Prize. His work can be read and heard at his Web site, In addition to numerous publications in the Paterson Literary Review, he has been published in Lips Magazine, The Cynic and other periodicals, Web sites and webzines.