Saturday, May 12, 2007


Today's exciting event was Perryphernalia! the annual block garage sale on Perry Street between W. 4th St. and Bleecker. Unlike so many other street fairs in NYC, this one does not offer The World's Softest Socks, 600-Thread Count Sheets, or any the other "professional" vendor items. It's just folks from the 'hood, settin' up card tables and sellin' art 'n' stuff.

The stuff ranges from homemade jewelry to basement junk including old clothes (one lady had 52 black cocktail dresses!), strange knickknacks (a ceramic ladybug that shoots light out of its body!) to semi-antique odds and ends (a 1930s era box full of travel hangers!).

The best part about it--besides finding that espresso cup and saucer set I've been wanting for-evah--is that it gives you a chance to see your neighbors--without dogs! I hardly recognized them! Seems every other person living in this neighborhood has one of those cute tiny dogs you see in the pet store window that cost $3500 or more. It may sound expensive, but "expensive" is relative: around here, it's probably less than a month's rent--for a studio apartment!

Prices were much more reasonable at the Perryphernalia. It doesn't end until 5: I'm definitely going back a few more times today. See you there.

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Karen Hildebrand said...

Yes! Mom got a 1940s hat with feathers. You're right it was a GREAT street fair. We were there at 5! Where were you?