Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12/6: Three Rooms Press Annual Prose! Poetry! Party at Cornelia St. Cafe NYC


Since ancient times, everyone knows that the best things in come in Threes (think: The Three Stooges!). In honor of the old maxim “omen trim perfectum”, we present three sets of three superb writers recently, or about to be, published by Three Rooms Press.

Join us for a Prose! Poetry! Party! with award-winning authors (and kick-ass performers!) including the fiercesome threesome Hala Alyan (winner of the 2013 Arab American Book Award for Poetry), Richard Vetere (author of the forthcoming TRP book, The Writers Afterlife), and David Lawton (author of Sharp Blue Stream (TRP, 2013)); the terrific trio Jane Ormerod (author of Welcome to the Museum of Cattle (TRP, 2012) and Recreational Vehicles on Fire (TRP, 2009)), Thomas Fucaloro (author of the forthcoming It Starts in the Belly and Blooms (TRP, 2014) and Inheriting Craziness is a Soft Halo of Light (TRP, 2010)), and Jane LeCroy (author of Signature Play (TRP, 2012); and the mighty triad Robert Gibbons (author of Close to the Tree (TRP, 2012)); Matthew Hupert (author of Ism is a Retrovirus (TRP, 2011)), and George Wallacetroika (author of EOS: Abductor of Men (TRP, 2012) and Poppin' Johnny (TRP, 2009). The event will be hosted by Three Rooms Press co-directors Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges. All authors will be available to sign books and take photos at the reading. Plus all audience members will be eligible to win free prizes throughout the event!

ABOUT THREE ROOMS PRESS Three Rooms Press is a New York-based publisher and performing arts producer, founded in 1993. Since its inception, it has served as a leading independent publisher of creative content, including poetry translations, drama and art sourced from the burgeoning international spoken word, music and underground art scenes. In 2011, it expanded its publishing line to include cutting edge work in fiction, creative historical nonfiction, memoir, photography and art. In addition, Three Rooms Press produces and promotes a variety of literary and cultural events in New York, Paris, Berlin, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more, including readings, plays, workshops and concerts.

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