Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Exploration of Spectacle Continues

Attending a hockey game is like seeing a ballet performance, but with more applause and faster moves. Attending last night's New York Rangers playoff game vs. the pathetic Atlanta Thrashers was pure magic. The Blue Shirts scored just 32 seconds into the game and never let up, in a 3-period, 7-0 romp that should have resulted in a name change for their opponents to the "Thrashees." Hockey is so fast, that what appears to be total lack of control is actually extreme talent. The Rangers are on a roll, and we at Three Rooms Press are in heaven.

By the way, getting last minute tickets at face value is possible now. We didn't even know we were going to the game until 2 hours before hand. You just go to Ticketmaster and request 1 (not 2) seats. They usually have something, and you can often get 2 seats within a row or two of each other, then trade places with kind souls at the game. Or ballet.

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