Saturday, April 7, 2007

Debut book of 96-year-old Brit is best seller

It's tough--but not impossible!--to pubish your first book at age 96. So for those of you who keep asking when Three Rooms Press' next poetry book, Slow Dance at 120 Beats a Minute will be released, remember: There's still time! Actually, it will DEFINITELY be coming out on Friday the 13th of April (and will be quickly followed up by a second poetry book, Punk Rock Journal by the same author, Kathi Georges, at the end of April).

If you are a poet, we invite you to contact Three Rooms Press through this blog to discuss publication of your own work. Whether you're 96 or 9+6, your work matters and should be seen by the world--during your lifetime. As a fellow publisher once told me, generating interest in posthumously-published poetry collections is about as easy as getting a kid with a cellphone to stop texting his friends. Unless you're Emily Dickinson, it just doesn't happen.

So stay alive and keep writing!

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