Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's spring and still the war is on

It's one of the beautiful mornings. Trees blooming, air fresh, sky blue. You can feel it in your body: the annual spring awakening. The urge to think things may work out, after all. You want to believe, to give it all you got. The cheerleading part of your brain kicks in, the one that shouts, "Let's go, Hokies," four days after 32 of your fellow students and teachers have been murdered in cold blood. The one that declares, "Mission Accomplished" regarding a war which—four years later—rages on. The one that blocks out all the negatives, all the truth and makes you believe your own lies.

Maybe it's a survival technique. Focus the on positive. Forget past mistakes and make things happen. Move on.

Certainly, as beautiful as the city is today, it's hard to resist at least a smile.

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Karen Hildebrand said...

Ah, the foray out to photo flowering trees was a success! I'm on my way out to find this right now.