Friday, April 13, 2007

The New Book is Out!

Kathi Georges' "Slow Dance at 120 Beats a Minute" (©2007, Three Rooms Press; 4.25" x 11", 24 pages, $10) is finally published! These books will go FAST, and will definitely be a collector's item, so if you want to be sure to get one, please email and we'll save a copy for you.

The official book release party is June 8, 6 p.m. at Cornelia Street.

The unofficial book release party is TONIGHT! Why waste time? If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come to MeKong at King Street and 6th Avenue, just South of Houston, where we'll start the celebration at 5:30, immediately following the weekly Friday poetry group (varying locations, 4ish-6ish every Friday; this week: Amherst's own Madame de Sade, Emily Dickinson).

Here's what NY novelist/poet Susan Scutti has to say about Slow Dance:

The characters on Kathi Georges' dance floor spin and twist with lifelike spontaneity, abandon... Each of her poems speeds down the page yet leaves grooves that remain in your heart. Who isn’t familiar with these dancers, these dances? Isn’t her voice an upbeat, downbeat echo of your own?

Check out Scutti's excellent feminist suspense thriller, Second Generation which is available in print from Amazon and as a pdf download at Ebookmall. What a world!

You can't imagine how gorgeous Slow Dance looks, with our new high-quality printing esthetics! The poetry within explodes with all the energy of a new Big Bang. We're working on getting this available for purchase through PayPal--probably next week. Stay tuned, but if you want to acquire a first edition for yourself, send that email right away!

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flyingvenus said...

i can't wait to get my copy. Kathi Georges is a wonderful writer and artist and I've loved all her work thus far!