Monday, June 18, 2007

Everybody needs friends

When you're hard at work on a new poem or novel, sometimes the walls just don't cut it. In the Three Rooms Press offices, we choose to always have a few friends around to hear new work, or offer constructive criticism. The toughest critic in the bunch is Ike, center. He hates everything. St. Anthony (rear), is always groovin' on the words and digs the flow of fresh ideas. Laurel (right), never has a bad thing to say. It's our latest fan--Harpo, left--that never lets you get away with anything. And these are just the big critics.

As you recall, this year's TRP motto is "Flourish. And Grow." In order to do that, you have to face the arena of professional and private opinion. Since most of our work is non-mainstream, it's a relief to know that before our work reaches the public, it's already faced the toughest critics in the universe. Which means it's hot.

Which means, our show at the Bowery Poetry Club on June 30th (4-6pm) will be packed. Admission is free with advance reservation. To reserve seats, email us at

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