Sunday, February 10, 2008

New York on Sunday: Warm, Global Warming, Marc Jacobs

Where's the snow? Here it is Feb. 10, in New York and no snow. It's 42 degrees. It's been 42 degrees all winter, except for 2 days in January. Where's the snow? Is it the global warming? If so, then it's not my fault. I'm anti-global warming. Have been for a long time. I am ready for it to end.

In the mid 90s there was a show on public television about global warming. They interviewed somebody from the oil companies who said that global warming was not necessarily a bad thing. "People actually prefer warmer weather. They can go to the beach, and relax in the sun."

If you listen to the weather "reporters," you'd think the oil company flack was right. They rave about warm weather, talk about how a day in February that is 50 degrees is "a nice day!" Nice? What's so nice about melting polar ice caps, rising seas, the total destruction of life on Planet Earth? Nothing nice about it at all, except that that the tourists will be standing in line at one of the six Marc Jacobs stores on or near Bleecker Street.

The other day I walked by just such a line (how they can actually line up for his crap is beyond me). I mentioned, slightly louder than under my breath that Marc Jacobs was sucking the life out of New York City, which he is. You should have seen the looks on their faces! They were shocked, and momentarily worried that perhaps they were standing in the wrong line. The look passed so quickly. But, for a moment, it gave me hope.

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