Thursday, March 27, 2008

Uh-oh. Waverly Diner sign taken down...

"Oh, boy, " I grumbled aloud when I walked past the long-established Waverly Diner yesterday and saw one of the fantastic neo signs being lowered to the ground! "There goes the neighborhood!" Probably another high-rise condo.

Thankfully, the Waverly is still in action, though. Just had to put up one of those lovely "sidewalk sheds" to work on the building above it. Or could it be they're trying to run the diner out of business by covering up their signage? Nah, that's how rumors get started. Keep it under your hat.

Ah, the Waverly. Their food hasn't changed in years. For better or worse. Yum, yum.


Karen said...

Ack, you had me there for a minute about my friendly standby.

jaxx said...

the waverly is going south? no! say it ain't so!