Monday, April 7, 2008

Death by Blogging--Poor, Poor Things

The NY Times ran a front page article on Sunday "In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop." It details how the really serious bloggers--those who get paid for it--work such long, hard hours that they are ruining their health. In fact, two prominent bloggers, age 50 and 60, recently died from heart attacks which the blogging world attributes to their "oh, poor me" lifestyle of working long hours, eating poorly, and not getting paid enough. Why some only sleep 5 hours a night, and one--interviewed in the article--confesses to having pulled the occasional "all-nighter." Many, just out of college, are getting paid for piecework, and get bonuses for the more hits their blogs get. They "only" earn about $30,000 a year starting out, though some make $70,000 and many earn in the six figures. But at such great risk to their health! 

Poor things...No, really, I feel bad for them. Imagine sleeping only 5 hours a night! and making only $70,000 a year! Such watch! For all the bravado that you see in the most popular blogs, these poor little critters are really just the rest--scared little people as obedient to the master as those they mock. 

Pipe down, bloggers. Better yet, take a vacation. At least a nap.


Karen said...

Ah yes, the sweatshop lives of bloggers. I saw this piece. Piffle!

jaxx said...

you are hilarious!