Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More on Lenny Bruce: Dead and Well at Bowery Poetry Club This Sunday

News flash: Astute New York Observer writer Meredith Bryan posted a fabulous blurb in today's paper about the big Lenny Bruce: Dead and Well show by Peter Carlaftes this Sunday at Bowery Poetry Club (Early show! 5 p.m. sharp!). See the complete article here.

Those far from the sand might like to endure the one-man comedy show Lenny Bruce: Dead & Well at the Bowery Poetry Club. Said organizer and poet Kathi Georges, when we called her up: “Peter Carlaftes, he channels Lenny Bruce, he’s come back from heaven and he knows everything that happened before and after. … He knows who won the election, what really happened on 9/11, that the dinosaurs are going to be coming back, and he also knows who killed J.F.K., he reveals for the first time who killed J.F.K.! It’s no one you would expect at all. It’s an amazing revelation.” She continued, of the Bowery Poetry Club: “It’s like the new CBGB’s, but they have a lot more poetry and word shows. And less spitting!” Here comes September, folks!

Lenny Bruce: Dead & Well, by Peter Carlaftes: Bowery Poetry Club, 5 p.m.,]

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Karen said...

I'm especially looking forward to the less spitting part.