Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New poetry books by George Wallace and Jane Ormerod Just Released by Three Rooms Press

Three Rooms Press is pleased to announce the release of new poetry collections by New York poets: Poppin' Johnny by George Wallace (2009, 104 pages, $15.00, Three Rooms Press (TRP-002)) and Recreational Vehicles on Fire by Jane Ormerod (2009, 102 pages, $15.00, Three Rooms Press (TRP-003)).

Wallace's book is a stunning collection of muscular poetry. Beat musician David Amram declares, "Jack Kerouac would have loved him." An upcoming review in Big City Lit notes, "Influenced by a number of aesthetics, the poetry of George Wallace constitutes a departure from conventional academic poetry of the late 20th century; following paths suggested by French Surrealism and American Beat Prosody. " The review, by poet Angelo Verga (author of "Praise for What Remains" (limited edition imprint, 2008, 30 pages, $12.00, Three Rooms Press), reveals, "I don’t know precisely where George wants to take himself (and us) next, not to mention his inner rottweiler, and that woman with big hair on television reporting the news, but wherever it is, I’m packed and ready to go." And poet David St John observes, "[Wallace] is writing with the same conversational dictions that arose/arise from the work of William Carlos Williams, and yet he gives his poetry an absolutely contemporary flavor."
Thematically, Wallace mixes political with personal, and the result is nothing short of incredible. For instance in "I Love You, You are Like America," his writing is a flow of consciousness that is inclusive and upbeat, yet somehow hauntingly sad and beautiful and sweet--all at the same time.

I love you, you are like america

and when you talk from one side
of your mouth you are huck finn
on a raft you are a playground
swing in dampening wind you are
a hobo on a sad shining road a
mayfly a mustard stain a hot dog
stand a sweet crazy grace note
a spring flower on a hot day
a city with a pulse a goldmine
that just won't quit and when you
talk from the other side of your
mouth you are like america too
a herd of buffalo in sleet a mallard
duck in a small muddy creek a tomboy
with a twisted braid a slide trombone
that has lost its way you are a ball
game at night bases loaded nobody
out you are goldenrod and i am sure
i love you from both sides of my heart

Jane Ormerod's new collection, Recreational Vehicles on Fire, offers an entirely different vibe, showing more of a concrete poet's aesthetic that is linked to Wallace in that they both share a deep love of English language. With 27 poems, this book is her first full-length collection to date. Described by Metro/Silicon Valley as "A gritty and gutsy postmodern poet," Ormerod's work fascinates with its daring no-holds barred approach, where seemingly disparate images collide in unfathomable juxtapositions, as seen in her poem "Mind Apologies."

There is language, the girl says
which may be predicted like weather
The hearty hellos, solicitous enquiries, a dockside farewell.
Other language is constructed like lasagne
or mixed into poultry stuffing
It may spill like potatoes tumbling from market speeding trucks
Think of boiling living lobsters
Miso ramen

Both books are available on Amazon. For interviews, booking info and questions, please contact Kat Georges at

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