Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours @ Hill Country NYC

Damn the luck! A show which should have been packed to the gills with pure music purists seeking absolution was darn near empty and a sorry showing for NYC's golden wings of support when the living legend known as Lucky Tubb and the Modern Day Troubadours strutted into a stellar two-set show at Hill Country on W. 26th St.

Rolling into the big city with a 4-piece, no-percussion ensemble, the Luckster blew the lid off the BBQ-joint with hits from his neo-roots-country album "Damn the Luck" along with a spattering of old style country covers and soon-to-be classic tracks off the new CD "Del Gaucho".

The style is stripped down honky-tonk early Haggard-esque purity. Hank Williams rides again. Lucky's got a country voice to die for, inherited from his great uncle Ernest Tubb. That such a raw, rare talent should be playing for a BBQ-chomping crowd of born yesterdays is a tough road to hoe. When the kitchen closed, the tables emptied. But the 30-odd folks who stuck around got a real treat.

Lucky Tubb is the real deal as his 2 long sets proved repeatedly. As a punk rock enthusiast, we believe in purity, and LT provided such solid purity it was difficult to do anything but dance, dance, dance and give birth to the two-step in us all.

Lucky Tubb is well worth  checking out on his new CD "Del Gaucho." Maybe if you give it a listen, you'll be with us dancing your ass off at the next NYC gig. We'll let you know when and where. Meanwhile check out the solid sounds at my personal fave, Bakersfield (and a song he did live at the Hill Country gig, singing the female part himself, per request, bless him.

Opening for Lucky Tubb was Ronnie Hymes, whose plaintive voice and singular guitar playing set the perfect honky tonk tone for night.

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