Thursday, May 24, 2012

ATRIUM by Hala Alyan: Limited Edition Preorder Special-Exclusive!

ATRIUM by HALA ALYAN: LIMITED EDITION PREORDER SPECIAL!! We are thrilled by the upcoming release of ATRIM, the first full-length book by the incredible poet Hala Alyan!! (ISBN 9780983581383, 6" x 8", 2012, Three Rooms Press, $15). Order before June 15 and you will receive a special Preorder Package, including: 1) signed copy of ATRIUM and 2) Special mini poster of a poem not included in the book (signed and suitable for framing). Preorder Packages will ship in mid-June.

ATRIUM, by Hala Alyan, is a phenomenal collection of poems by a truly inspired and original emerging poetic voice. Alyan, a Palestinian-American, writes relentlessly, with a deep passion and intense intimacy, tracing lines of global issues into personal spaces. Established, award-winning poets are unanimous in their praise.

Naomi Shihab Nye raves, "Don't miss the dazzling Hala Alyan. Wow. When she says "the poetry like a spear," she isn't kidding."

Chitra Divakaruni notes, "Hala Alyan's poems startle us with their beautiful, enigmatic images and capture us with their passionate engagement with the world. A powerful debut."

And Graywolf Press poet Fred Marchant points out, "For all the stunning angularity in this vision, we do not doubt that what we are seeing and sensing here is a surprising, sharp-edged sense of the real, of a world that had been there all along, just waiting for this poet and these poems to reveal. Start to finish, these poems convey a singular vision and represent an important new voice in the international poetry arena."

Be a part of the launch of a new poetic voice. Order your preorder package today.

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