Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cornelia Street Open Reading July 27, 2007 Poem

This poem was created from one line of every poem read during the Son of Pony All-Open reading at Cornelia Street Cafe on July 27, 2007.

Found Poem

If one is a mirror to someone's art
Everyone's poems will be published.

The shitty truth is they'll care.

There really must be a miracle boldly
hidden somewhere around here.

It's good to be wrong.

Since you made them, you should
fix them without my consent.

Don't say nothing 'till I get out of prison.

The body is not a book to be read critically,
for every morning the waiting time lengthens.

Which reminds one of what we too must do

to become thought. You could write the very next line.
I do not say that I know what to do with you.

We must prevent the unity from crashing.

We have come to do battle. We have lost.
But the sky is about to break open.

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