Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cuban Flute God Maraca Valle in NYC Wed. Oct. 1st

The most amazing Cuban composer/musician of the 21st century, Maraca Valle, is playing a one-nighter at S.O.B.'s in Manhattan tomorrow night, Oct. 1st, and if you are not completely insane, you MUST be there.

I first heard Maraca in San Francisco back in '98 and was TRANSFIXED when I saw him live at Yoshi's. This GRAMMY-AWARD winning musician is unbelievable. If you have any even remote appreciation of a) jazz; b) latin jazz; c) flute playing or d) salsa/rhumba/tango/even reggaeton then you will be head over heels about Maraca. The West Coast has embraced him, but for some strange reason, the East Coast is in a fog about him. His band is super tight--he writes and arranges all the music. His flute playing surpasses the level of technique and emotion in Wynton Marsalis's trumpet playing--and yet he makes it look as easy as breathing.

Get thee to S.O.B.'s WEDNESDAY, October 1 (Houston and Varick). 9 pm show. Tickets $20-$25 at the door. Next time he's in town, he'll probably be at The Garden so see him at a small venue while you have the chance!

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