Monday, September 29, 2008

Lenny Bruce Dissects Elections & Economy at Cornelia St. Cafe Sept 30

Three Rooms Press 
by Peter Carlaftes

Tuesday, Septebmer 30, 6pm
Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia St. 
( btwn W. 4th & Bleecker)
$12 (includes free drink)

As the elections draw nearer, no voice is more desperately needed than that of social satirist Lenny Bruce. With LENNY BRUCE: DEAD & WELL, by Peter Carlaftes, Bruce's insightful, uproarious commentary goes front and center once more. Lenny/Carlaftes has plenty to talk about. His hilarious afterlife perspective gives him a knowledge of all that came before, as well as all that's destined to happen in the future.

For instance:
-- What does Sarah Palin REALLY know about foreign policy? . . . and WHY isn't she TELLING?
-- Who's REALLY going to pay for the economic bailout? . . . and WHY are they happy to HELP?
-- Who REALLY killed JFK? . . . and WHY is this so SHOCKING?
-- And what about the elections? WHO is destined to win? . . . and WHY will you be AMAZED?

Because no one can persecute him anymore, Lenny's got a tough new attitude and tons of new material that takes its cue from such Lenny Bruce classics as "Religions, Inc.," "How Hitler Got Started" and "To Is a Preposition, Come Is a Verb."

New York native writer, actor and director Peter Carlaftes fully embodies the essence of the comic genius. The SF Weekly says: "Carlaftes IS the reincarnation of Lenny Bruce." His comic timing is impeccable, and his material never fails to inspire. He recently opened for 94-year-old comic legend Professor Irwin Corey, and is just back from a European tour that garnered critical acclaim.

For reservations, please email or call 212-989-9319.

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