Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 17: Philly Poetry Party with Karen Hildebrand, Peter Carlaftes & Kat Georges

Three Rooms Press poets Kat Georges (Punk Rock Journal), Peter Carlaftes (Bar Room Essentials) and Karen Hildebrand (One Foot Out the Door) hit the road for a one-night stand in Philadelpha, PA. It’s bound to be total chaos, with poetry screaming from the gut in a swirl of magic dust that makes your heart sing.

If you’re within 100 miles of Philadelphia, drive, train or hitchhike to what’s destined to be one of those shows people talk about for years to come. St. Patrick’s Day Poetry Blow-out at The Green Line Cafe in Philadephia, PA: Tuesday, March 17, 7pm at the fabulous Greenline Cafe, 4426 Locust Street (at 45th), 215-2220799. And that's in West Philly.

TRANSIT: Green Line Locust is within two blocks of two bus lines. Take either the #21 or #42 bus, signal for your stop at 45th Street. From the #21 bus, walk south to Locust Street and you’re there! From the #42 bus, walk north 1 block to Locust and you’re there!

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