Thursday, June 20, 2013

Atrium, poems by Hala Alyan, wins 2013 Arab American Book Award for Poetry

Three Rooms Press is thrilled beyond belief to announce that the winner of the 2013 Arab American Book Award for poetry is Hala Alyan for her poetry collection Atrium (Three Rooms Press, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9835813-8-3).

 Established in 2006 by the Arab American National Museum, the Arab American Book Award honors significant literature by and about Arab Americans. It is the only literary competition of its type in the U.S. The Arab American Book Award was brought about by the Arab American National Museum and faculty members of the nearby University of Toledo. The winning titles are chosen by groups of selected readers including respected authors, university professors, artists and AANM staff.

The Awards are given during an invitation only event in the Fall of the award year. The AANM first gave these awards in 2007 for books published in 2006; for 2007, the number of submissions more than doubled from the inaugural year. Information about Hala and other award winners will be forthcoming on

About Atrium, Poems by Hala Alyan

(Three Rooms Press, 2012, ISBN 978-09835813-8-3, 102 Pages, Size: 6" x 9") 

 In Atrium, Alyan traces lines of global issues in personal spaces, with fervently original imagery, and a fierce passion and intense intimacy that echoes long after initial reading.

Alyan was recently tapped as a finalist in the Nazim Himet Poetry Competition, and has etched her mark on other award-winning poets who are universal in their praise:

 “Don't miss the dazzling Hala Alyan. Wow. When she says ‘the poetry like a spear,’ she isn't kidding.” —Naomi Shihab Nye;

“Hala Alyan’s poems startle us with their beautiful, enigmatic images and capture us with their passionate engagement with the world. A powerful debut.” —Chitra Divakaruni;

 “For all the stunning angularity in this vision, we do not doubt that what we are seeing and sensing here is a surprising, sharp-edged sense of the real, of a world that had been there all along, just waiting for this poet and these poems to reveal. Start to finish, these poems convey a singular vision and represent an important new voice in the international poetry arena.” —Fred Marchant

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