Sunday, February 11, 2007

Banner Week

This was a banner week for Three Rooms Press. It started on Monday, when we discovered we'd won the pool at a local pub for the Super Bowl. Our numbers were 7 and 9, but we weren't sure which team had which number on Sunday, so when we wandered in Monday morning, all we knew is that we had a 50-50 chance of winning. Not bad these days. We asked Bob, the bartender, "Are we lucky?" He said, "Yes!" and handed us an envelope with what we assumed was $500. Wrong. It was twice that! What a trip! We immediately celebrated our good fortune with a leisurely lunch at that most-distinguished restaurant, The Pink Tea Cup. Lunch Special: Soup, salad, collard greens, black eyed peas, pepper steak AND dessert: $7.95. The rest of the week was more mild successes: a brother who snagged a great job at a large Public Radio station in L.A., Robert Burns singing and a big art show. But then it was Friday, and all broke loose.

On Friday, we discovered that myspace is not just for teenagers and child molesters. Here's what happened:

The Post announced on Friday that the band, Mnemonic Devices was playing in Brooklyn at Pete's Candy Store. In our punk rock days, we used to be pals with the MDs and, so we decided to confirm the story be checking out myspace to see if they had a website. They did! And it was amazing, because in their "friends" section, it was like a class reunion of sorts. Every other "friend" was someone we used to hang out with it the distant and more recent past. We spent much of Friday and all day yesterday writing to people that we haven't seen for 20 years. Most of the time, it was just guesses as to whether or not the "friends" were actual acquaintences. Was "Sonja the Red Haired Menace" actually THE Sonja that we went to Austin with a few times? Turns out, she was! How about Monte Vista: was that Tom, the lead singer of first rate lounge act lovingkindness? Sure nuff! It was a dream come true. How often we've thought about these people, with no way of getting in touch with them, due to lost address books, and the moving shuffle so many have gone through. Pictured here is "ours truly", left, with the lovely former lead singer of the Mnemonic Devices (and a hell of a fiddle player), Ann DeJarnett, in Austin, circa 1988; those were the days when we both had legs!

The funniest thing is--the band that was said to be playing in Brooklyn wasn't even the same band, just the same name.

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Ms. K said...

How fun! And what a week indeed. No wonder you sounded so good on the phone today. Pretty foxy photo, too. Keep up the energy.