Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anything but Britney...

If you're star-obsessed, but sick of Britney, here's an event for you: "Andy Warhol: In His Wake," a poetry-laced art opening celebrating the 20th anniversary of Warhol's death at The Carrozzini Von Buhler Gallery, 407 W. 13th Street (between 9th and Washington), on Thursday, Feb. 22nd. In addition to a group exhibition by Factory exes Ultra Violet, Taylor Mead, Billy Name and Ivy Nicholson, the event features poetry by Patricia Carragon, Taylor Mead, Star Black and the fabulous Jackie Sheeler (curator of the Pink Pony West Friday night series at Cornelia Street). The readings run from 6-7:30; the opening sprawls until 10. If Sienna Miller wasn't enough for you in "Factory Girl," get a whiff of the real thing.

In other news...Three Rooms Press hears rumors of a nationwide surge in female baldheads. Sinead O'Connor, you were so way ahead of your time!

Pictured: Andy Warhol, by Billy Name, photograph


Karen said...

Ooh, you always know where the cool stuff is!

Karen said...

What, no new post? I've been away for five days and expected to do some catching up. SF was cold but tres fun. See you tomorrow.