Monday, February 19, 2007

Another day

Sometimes you wonder what the draw is of living in a big city. Then you step outside your humble abode, absorb some of that energy, get inspired and realize that even the most mundane task can be full of adventure. Going to the local deli to get the paper in the morning. Out there, the air is icy and the only people on the streets are attached to dog leashes. Except an idling black town car, sitting at the corner every morning at this time, rain or shine. Who are they waiting for? What benefit do they get for being endlessly prompt in the wee small pre-dawn hours? Is it worth it?

A burly middle-aged businessman, hair freshly showered, rushes out of a building and into the car. Shortly after it drives away, a sexy younger woman in high-heeled boots, long hair flowing from beneath her hooded parka, wanders out of the same door. She waves to an older woman up the street, who's walking a dog. Walks up, pets the dog. Surreptitiously passes something to the woman, then waves goodbye and wanders off. The woman with the dog goes into the door the other two just left. Hmm... Is there a story there, or what? Maybe it's just all coincidence. Maybe not...

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