Monday, February 5, 2007

LaGuardia--Angel of Snow

Children, gather round--it's time to talk about something mommy grew up with: snow. In the old days, winter came once a year and not only was it cold, but there was this funny white stuff that came out of the sky and fell lightly to the ground. We called it snow, back then. It was made up of millions of tiny snowflakes, and--Yes, Tommy?--No, it didn't come out of a machine, it fell from the sky. And it was very beautiful, and--No, BillieMae, I'm not making this up.--Tommy turn off your cell phone and pay attention.--Snow was fun to play in, during my day. My own mommy used to walk six miles in it to school--barefoot--but we got smarter after she grew up and started wearing shoes--No, Janice--we never wore our Manolo Blahniks. We didn't have Manolo Blahniks when I was growing up. We didn't even have cell phones or myspace.--Yes, Cherylisse--How did we survive?--We just did. Now be quiet and listen, class. Class! Get away from those computers.--No, we are not going to look up snow online and find out who invented it! No one invented it! It just came out of the sky and fell on the ground. Trust me! I'm your teacher, for Christ's sake! No, I'm not as smart as a computer! But trust me anyway! Why would I lie about snow?

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Anonymous said...

You forgot the part where our mommy walked barefoot, UPHILL six miles in the snow...BOTH WAYS! - w