Thursday, March 1, 2007

It ends, and then it begins again

Mindless paid activity has kept Three Rooms Press off the blog circuit for nigh-over a week now, but we are back in action now, and the hot topic of the day is:

The Arrest of the Westchester Dominatrix

She rented a house and filled it with whips.
In New York it's legal to let men submit.
But her make up artist--that clever chick--
deduced that her boss must have also sold sex

or else how would she come up
with the three grand a month
that the synagogue charged
for rent on her lodge

not that they knew
not even a clue
Of course I believe them.
Of course, you do too.

Tsk, tsk said the snitch:
Tell the cops about this.
And soon secret detectives
Hurled "Yes, mistress-es."

and one--wearing a wire--
hidden somewhere--
Where was it hidden?
Why do you care?

Wearing a wire, down on his knees.
She said, "Obey." He said, "As you please,
And, by the way--ahem--you, you--little tease--
How much do you charge for--ahem--'quickies'?"

No joke. In New York, paid-for beatings are lawful.
But charging for sex--why--that's just awful.
Busted! Oh, mistress! You can't be too careful.
Submissives obey: make them pay rent in full.

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