Monday, March 19, 2007

Bob's Bios

Went down to Reade St. last night to experience Bob's Bios, an all-new band featuring members of Band of George & The JDs. The unique thing about this trio is they play only biographical songs! This set featured songs about Nancy Reagan, Bobby Darin, Audie Murphy and the mysterious Violet Gibson (pictured), who on either April 7 or 8, 1926, shot Mussolini, injuring him slightly, in a failed assassination attempt. They say she was crazy. Hmm...

I almost hate to give a link to Ms. Gibson, because--despite this being the information age--a quick survey of 50 websites shows almost the same information, word-for-word, about her. How can this be? Had her deed been successful, it could have changed the world as we know it. Yet all the online reference material has the same, exact six sentences. Are we really expanding our knowledge, or just making it easier to find out what is agreed to be the truth? And what is true? How is that the only real difference in any website (in English) about Violet Gibson is the date? Some say April 7, some say April 8. Doesn't anyone actually know? Aren't there RECORDS of assassination attempts? Where are they? ONLINE???

Which reminds me--sadly--of a quote last week in the paper. After last week's terrible shooting in Greenwich Village, the police called the girlfriend of the bartender to inform her that he was dead. She said she didn't believe it was true until she saw it on the TV news. "That's when I knew it was true."

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Karen said...

Bob's band sounds unique. Sorry I didn't make the debut. It was Sunday night, it was cold and icy. Not good excuses, but all I have.