Friday, March 30, 2007

On Hosting the Pink Pony West Reading

Minutes after guest hosting the Pink Pony West reading at Cornelia Street Cafe, and feeling good about it. Thirty-one open readers and only one bugaboo that was begging for, and received, the hook. The overall experience brought back to mind the many, many poetry reading/events I've hosted over the years. Cafe of Dreams (with Mark Carranza) at Diedrich's Coffee Shop in Costa Mesa; the Blue Monkey Cafe Reading Series in San Francisco; the whacky reading for metalheads at Zatar's in Hollywood with Mike Mallone, guest hosting the Paradise Lounge reading for Jen Joseph in SF. On and on and on it goes.

You know the best thing? In a world where everything changes, the open mike poetry reading--in my 15 years of experience--has not changed!! It's comforting in a weird way. The material is always different, but the thread that runs through it is the same "good, mediocre, occasionally brilliant, occasionally horrible" mix.

If you get a chance on Fridays between 6-8, you should definitely check it out. It's five bucks, you get a free drink and it's a pleasant way to pass the time, at the bare minimum. God forbid--you may even be inspired!

Thanks to everyone who was there in support! Appreciate it, as you may well imagine.


Karen said...

Would have loved to see you administer the hook. Anyone we know?

Anonymous said...