Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An interesting dinner

Had dinner with the world's foremost authority on Samuel Beckett the other day. Last year, this incredible man staged a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Beckett's birth in Paris, featuring over 300 performances of every single Beckett play. He said attendance was incredible, though fundraising--even in Europe--is getting increasingly more difficult with significantly less government funding for the arts.

Other guests included the phenomenal composer Raphael Mostel, who played a CD of a work for brass quintent that he was commissioned by Holland to write to commemorate the anniversary of the overthrow of the Nazis in Holland. How he was able to make trumpets sound like bombers buzzing through the sky is beyond me (I'd love to see the notation!). Remember his name. He'll be a force in contemporary classical music soon; as well as Sally, who founded the Film Society, is on the board of every major arts organization in New York, and--true story--met Groucho Marx at the Academy Awards when he won his honorary award. Also a woman redesigning Twyla Tharpe's apartment. Also a woman who's soon to be (hopefully) programming a brand new "artistic" theater on 23rd street. Also a woman who's an expert in speech communications. Also a couple of playwrights from San Francisco.

The dinner was a culinary delight--crusted Chilean sea bass, Baby Bok Choy!, fennel, salad, baby potatoes, and best of all--a fabulous dessert called Mont Blanc, made with sweetened crushed chestnuts and fresh whipped cream. I drool even as I type these fairly nondescript words! If you ever see it offered, see a recipe or hear of someone who knows how to make it--trust me--drop everything until you taste it!

Photo: Portrait Photograph of Samuel Beckett, not dated. Gelatin silver. ©2006 Jerry Bauer, all rights reserved. Used with permission.


Karen said...

Wait. So you go from working non-stop to having dinner with theatrical luminaries? I hope the playwrights from SF made a good impression.

Unknown said...

Hey Kathi,

Magda used to make Mont Blanc at the holidays. I think I have her recipe somewhere--I'll look.

You're right, it is fabulous!

- w

PS When are you releasing your book?