Thursday, December 28, 2006

Big Show Tonight

I'm excited (duh!) about the big show tonight: a poetry reading in honor of Patti Smith's birthday party at Bowery Poetry Club at 10pm. Details about in yesterday's post. As for me: I'll be reading two new poems, along with a poem written by Ms. Smith. My poem Abigail, and Patti's poem "A Farewell" will be accompanied by music written specifically for the event tonight by myself and the fabulous Dean Parker, whose numerous credits include assistant composer for the new movie "The Good Shepherd." He'll be performing tonight as "The Bass Player from Handjob." I'm excited about the new pieces: they're at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. Extremely funny and extraordinarily sad. The extremes of life. Everyday is the in-between. Black is the new black.

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Karen said...

Okay, already! I'll be there. (Seriously, how could I miss it?)