Tuesday, December 26, 2006

That's that

Went to New Jersey for Christmas dinner. It's nice enough to get together with family but these days, things have changed. It seems for every family get together, someone has a computer floating around and it becomes tough to concentrate on all the fun family type things we used to do, like screaming at the television when your team is losing, or drinking too much wine or playing the piano or peeling potatoes. With the computer around, one person gets to be in charge, and the others have to either succumb to his or her wishes, or sulk in the corner because they don't get to have a say as to what the computer is doing. And god forbid if there's more than one computer around. All immediate communication is lost.

Yesterday, there was only one, playing music. Who chooses what gets to be played? Whoever owns the computer. Touch someone else's computer it's like you stuck a finger up their ass. It's a very touchy situation.

The best presents were electronic, which was fantastic for me. I got a voice recorder that you can record your thoughts on and download to your computer. But I still found myself, with some nostalgia, missing the corny knitted caps or homemade cookies. That kind of thing.

Still it was great to sit at a table not in a restaurant eating turkey, stuffing and potatoes. And for that, I feel awfully lucky and grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Hi K!

Happy holidays! I agree so much with the electronics at the party problem! We were very lucky at our recent holiday party: the power went out! It was wonderful. We'd been told to bring our cell phones so that we could "field test" our product, which--amusingly enough given your other comments--allows everyone at a party influence the music played by the computer. Since there was no power, the hotel put candles all around the room, we talked (imagine that!) and played pool and shuffleboard by candlelight. Most relaxing office party I've ever attended!

Much love, sis. Enjoying your blog!