Sunday, December 10, 2006

Plug In Poetry

During November, we conceived and created Plug In Poetry, which was a great success. Held in the Chashama storefront on 44th Street in Times Square, we offered a virtual mountain of words for people to add to the walls or windows to make poems together. The first day it was pouring rain. Amazing how many people walking down the street don't want to get out of it--they just want to get where they are going! Those who did come in were very happy--a direct result of a) creating something unique and original, and b) being warm and dry for a few minutes! The other two performances were not so wet, so we moved to the window and made poetry outside and inside. It was great to see the poems grow from single words, to complete works of art, anonymously rearranged by whomever was present.

But it's not over yet! Visit the Plug In Poetry website and let us know your favorite pieces. Also, we're looking to do it again and would love to know if you can suggest any venues, in the U.S., Paris, Italy, or Greece (or anywhere in the world).

So far, favorite lines have included "look restless between an easy light," "die waiting," and, my personal favorites "let hopes ease what heaven might" and "she can steal the beautiful." Favorite poem?

favorite dream

know surprise
where love is

believe enough
to give this mad
war peace


she can steal
my morning thought
before the beautiful
would be shrine

If you visit the Plug In Poetry website, be sure to listen to the hip hop version of T.S. Eliot's Rhapsody On A Windy Night. We produced it as part of the soundtrack for the play Jack the Rapper, performed at Marilyn Monroe Memorial Theater in San Francisco a couple years back, and it sounds awesome! We played it during the performance.

P.S. to Karen: I figured out how to make the links!!!!

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Karen said...

Yay, links! Isn't it fun with every new thing you figure out? Love the best lines and favorite poems. Wow.