Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to get a popular blog

The new most popular blog is Why Men Cheat. Over 6,000 comments already! The only question I have is "Why is Why Men Cheat so popular?" This age old question has been answered by poets for thousands of years. Women are the beautiful mystery that male hormones are driven to explore. The only real question is why more women don't take advantage of this. If you want to see a film version of this, check out the movie Baby Face, in which Barbara Stanwyck, still saddled with her native Brooklyn accent, works her way from a penniless orphan to the top of the Empire State building with a pout and a wink. It's way racier than any of the tame flicks of today. Which reminds me: why do so many movies today show a) men peeing and b) men getting their balls tortured? Maybe it's garbage like this that makes men cheat?


Anonymous said...

why men cheat?

because the woman today sound like a helium-infested gaggle of valley girl geese. but the the woman they cheat with must sound that way,too?
and why women cheat? cause the men are too busy calling themselves "bitches" and "dudes".
Perhaps both sides will continue and forget to rfeproduce and the human race as we know it will
disappear without a bang or a whimper

Karen said...

Okay, so I went there. The post is pretty lame. Why doesn't he tell us something we don't already know? And besides, who cares? Hmmm, I guess maybe 6000 people care, but heck, why not come to my blog and look at baby pictures.